Tuesday, December 7, 2010

lamenyeeew tak masuk bl0ggg...ad0oiii... *-*


Very nice day laa today.. Ade m0od nk masuk blog yang da berhabuk nieh.. Ade gak org2 yg rindu tueh..hihi..

Sorry laa sape2 yg rindu tue, really i'm not
in the mood laa lately.. I feel up and down laa..teruk la jgk..huhu

Life must goes on..no matter how or what is the obstacle.. At least laa..., skrg nie da ok ckeet..Ameeeenn!!!

I'm positive, there is something for me in the future, juzz buat je ape yg patut sbagai hamba Allah, ta'at dan patuh..huhu

Ya Allah! Guide me, I really3 need Your Guidance..uhukhuk!!!
Lets bygone be bygone..juzz face the future that awaits you..huhu

Manusia mmg lumrah perlu menyayangi dan di sayangi..mee too! I really need it at this presence.. someone that can cheer me up, when I feel down..

In another word, my..my companian, someone to share with, and care for me.. Thank God! for what i got.. i will preserve it InsyAllah!!!!

Ape2 pon segala2nya yg berlaku, yg sedang berlaku atau akan berlaku adelah dalam Tangan Yang Maha Mengetahui.....


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